Michigan School Meals

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Please take a moment to complete the Education Benefits Form and return it to your student’s school. The Education Benefits Form collects information needed to ensure the school receives state and federal funding for education programs. Without this information, AMA could lose important funding for education programs that our students need. These supplemental grants and programs have the potential to offer supports and services for our students including, but not limited to:

  • Instructional staff (ex. Reading Interventionists, Math Tutors, Academic & Behavior Aids)
  • Teaching supplies and materials
  • Counselors and Social Workers
  • School Nurses
  • Professional Learning for staff
  • Parent and Community engagement supplies and activities
  • Technology

Why is American Montessori Academy requesting financial information? The Education Benefits Form determines eligibility of a student or household. The total count of eligible students is used to determine the funding amounts that will be made available to a school. The more forms returned the better

What do I need to do? Please complete the attached form and return it to either building, Attn: April Blackburn 

What else might my student or household be eligible for? Based on the information you provide on your Education Benefits Form, your child may qualify for other programs such as: 

  • Pay to play or Pay to Participate 
  • Programs that provide food support 
  • Programs that provide field trip support 
  • Programs that provide school supplies or assist with school fees 
  • Programs that provide holiday support 
  • Potential household support for cable and internet

You must complete the Sharing Information with Other Programs form, also on the website, to grant permission for your eligibility information to be shared.  

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. April ablackburn@teach.americanmonetssori.net.