A Career at American Montessori Academy

AMA is a welcoming and genuine learning environment. Our teachers are reflective, productive and equitably adapt their instruction to meet each student's needs.

Through the Montessori philosophy and individualized learning paths, we engage students to emerge as self-directed learners, flexible thinkers, and peaceful problem solvers.

Above all, we pride ourselves in the fact that we create lasting relationships among our students, parents and staff. Do you possess the following characteristics?

  • Flexibility
  • The ability to build positive relationships
  • Reflective and authentic
  • Team player
  • Proactive and Solution focused
  • Life long learner
  • Professional
  • Equitable
  • Employs Montessori approach
  • Innovative
  • Leadership
  • Passionate about student success

Our rigorous, standards-based, academic program provides meaningful choice for students as they move along their unique learning paths. AMA students have time and space to learn concepts, practice them, and apply their new knowledge in relevant and engaging ways. Children emerge from our program as independent, flexible thinkers. They also demonstrate empathy, kindness, and heightened emotional intelligence.

At AMA we...

  • Provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum
  • Employ Montessori concrete to abstract approach
  • Prepare an environment that promotes a child’s natural ability to become a self-directed learner
  • Build strong teacher-child and teacher-parent relationships by utilizing a multi-age approach  
  • Educate our children in resolving conflicts in peaceful ways
  • Integrate peace education in daily school activities  
  • Create unique learning paths for each student
  • Offer time and space to learn concepts, practice them, and apply their knowledge through projects
  • Utilize small group and individualized instruction
  • Develop independent flexible thinkers who are capable of solving complex problems.

We are looking for energetic, talented and focused teachers who want to become part of our family! If you want to be part of a school culture with high expectations for all, collaboration at every turn and generous benefits then you need to apply today!

If this sounds like you and you also want to be a part of a flexible, supportive, family-oriented team, then AMA is the place for you!