Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our school! Here at AMA we seek to bring to fruition the full human potential of our children. We do this by educating the whole whole child. How do we achieve this goal?

Whole child education does not compartmentalize knowledge.

  • It shows the connections and relationships between subjects.
  • It does not emphasize rote memorization but the internalization of how and why.
  • Whole child education engages the child by appealing to his natural curiosity and showing the purpose behind learning.

Whole child education understands the connections between the body and mind.

  • Learning takes place through movement and incorporates all the senses, creating pathways and synapses in the brain that cannot be undone.
  • It incorporates purposeful movement and does not dictate that children sit still and silent.
  • It also incorporates both left brain and right brain learning, and it values each equally.
  • Intelligence is not preferred over physical development, and the emotional health of the child is at the forefront.
  • Most importantly, learning is not something that ends at at high school, it is a lifelong quest for personal fulfillment.

When we focus on the child as a fully formed human being rather than a blank slate, we appreciate and respect the talents and knowledge intrinsic in each child. We encourage and we place value on effort, not just on right and wrong. Most importantly, we recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each child in his place in the world.

In order to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s jobs and life as a whole, we must prepare them to be problem solvers, using their intellect to think and be creative. We teach our children to be self-directed, which develops their independence and self-confidence on their journey through academic success.

We invite you to stop by our campuses any time! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Andrea Curd