First Grade Program Description

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum concentrates on reading strategies and comprehension. Phonics, sight words and grammar are reinforced using a variety of hands-on activities. Children compose how-to books, poems, opinion writing, and personal narratives and share their writing as authors. As students progress, they complete independent writing projects and participate in reading book clubs. Students complete a research project on a self-selected topic at the end of the year.


In math, students learn using a variety of manipulatives to gain a concrete understanding of numeracy and place value. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems are taught in conjunction with three step story problems and students are encouraged to explain their reasoning. Geometry topics as well as measurement and data are explored throughout the year as well.


Science is approached through exploration and experimentation using a wide variety of materials focused on physical, earth, and life sciences.


The social studies curriculum includes learning about families, economic needs and wants, map skills, learning about the past, and good citizenship. Additionally, students study their communities and how individuals cooperate in groups.

Peace Education and Practical Life

Learning about world holidays, peace education and practical life skills such as shoe tying, table setting, using tools, and folding laundry are Montessori skills that are explored as well. Peace education focuses on problem solving, conflict resolution, and character traits.

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