Points of Pride

Manufacturing Day 2019
Manufacturing Day 2019 a Huge Success!
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Anthony Ianni
Anthony Ianni paid a visit to AMA
Anthony Ianni visited AMA with a Message to Eradicate Bullying
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Mr. Porth
Mr. Porth, Marathon Runner!
Mr. Porth Finished his 4th Marathon with the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington
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About US

At American Montessori Academy our mission is to organically grow a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world. We begin by educating all of our children in how to be mindful and resolve conflicts in peaceful ways. Our unique Peace Education programming is integrated throughout the school day. As a result, AMA students begin to demonstrate complex problem solving skills at a young age.

Our rigorous, standards-based, academic program provides meaningful choice for students as they move along their unique learning paths. AMA students have time and space to learn concepts, practice them, and apply their new knowledge in relevant and engaging ways. Children emerge from our program as independent, flexible thinkers. They also demonstrate empathy, kindness, and heightened emotional intelligence.

At American Montessori Academy, we work to prepare an environment that promotes a child's natural ability to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker and creative problem solver.