Every child enters kindergarten with a range of physical and cognitive skills. Often, children who turn five later in the year will have a significantly different level of development that those who are closer to their sixth birthday. For this reason, AMA offers a young five kindergarten program. This program is designed for students who have a summer or fall birthday and/or could use additional time to develop readiness skills. Students enrolled in the young five kindergarten program receive the same program as all kindergarten students, just at a pace that is appropriate to their level. Activities are designed to help adjust them to the school environment. The importance of working in a collaborative classroom environment is stressed in this  rogram as well. They also work diligently to develop their listening skills, social/emotional skills, literacy, language, mathematical reasoning, and knowledge acquisition through a thematic  pproach. Research shows that children must first have a strong base in language: rhyming, patterning, playing with words, listening to stories, etc

Young Five Kindergarten or Kindergarten?
Enrollment in the young five kindergarten program is a decision made by parents with input from teachers and administrators through a screening process. Always keep in mind what is best for your children in the long run. It is better to give them another year to grow than to become frustrated with their development and achievement. Young five kindergarten takes a more hands-on approach to academics than kindergarten but still offers many traditional learning opportunities. The program, which was developed for children who turn five years old between June 1st and December 1st, provides the foundation children need when they become ready to read. Students who are ready for first grade at the end of the young fives year, will be placed in a first grade classroom with parent, teacher, and principal approval.